With Mauticom you get your turnkey Mautic hosted

Mautic is a web marketing automation platform that will allow you to raise the bar on your email marketing campaigns


Contact segmentation is critical to better understand your audience. With Mautic you can create homogeneous groups based on criteria such as age, interests or behavior, thus tailoring your communication more effectively. This will help you improve engagement and strengthen relationships with your audience, an essential strategy for targeted and engaging marketing.


Organize targeted campaigns for each segment of your mailing list with Mautic. By tailoring messages to the needs and interests of each segment, you increase the likelihood of engagement and conversion. In this way, you will optimize the performance of your campaigns and build stronger relationships with your audience, generating concrete results for your business.

Simple editor

Mautic’s Visual Editor offers a wide range of features, including creating workflows to efficiently manage your campaigns and designing custom templates for your newsletters. This tool allows you to optimize the planning and execution of your campaigns, ensuring consistency and effectiveness. Creating newsletter templates, on the other hand, allows you to maintain a professional and recognizable look for your communications, thereby improving your audience’s impact and engagement.


Thanks to our dedicated support, it will be possible to make Mautic easily integrated with any kind of website and CRM system. This integration capability ensures that no data is lost. You will be able to efficiently synchronize and leverage all information between your website and CRM, thus improving data management and communication with your customers. Mautic’s versatility makes your operations smoother and more effective, ensuring that all relevant information is always at your fingertips.

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